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Protected: Good qualities in a (wo)man.

I was reading blogs and diaries, and it got me thinking.

Well, it might not be related, but heck who cares? *laugh*

Here I am wanting to list good qaulities I like and admire before I one day forget.

1) While I’m not quite competitive, I think being a competitve person is good — great even.  Why?  Because, in my personal experience, exceptional people have somewhat competitiveness in them.  I think it’s some kind of drive that makes them successful, smart, etc. in one way or another.  However, the important parts for me are not about the competitiveness and winning.  I more value people who know when and how to lose. (even more important, how to get up)

2) Being kind, but not soft. What do you like to see in a (wo)man?

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Amazon & Camera Hunt

Today, while I surfed thru a forum, I spotted an Amazon’s banner.   All my wonder has been answered!  Amazon also has a program, but they just don’t do it the same way as the others.  I should have found out about this years ago, darn. 😦 

How could I be so dumb? I should have looked closer, I would have found it!

[This serves as another evidence that there are a lot more I don’t know and I need to be more diligent]  




Anyway, I’ve been on a hunt for dSLR for quite sometime now.  Nikon D70s is quite economical(cheaper to be exact) for me.  But, I also want a Nikon D80 ’cause it’s a newer version camera,  and has 10MP which would be quite cool to have. 

However, I’m not so sure if I will be taking a lot of pictures once I start working, and my chance of turning into a professional photographer is very slim, heheh.  So, it wouldn’t be wise to invest a lot of money into the camera? Nonetheless, after getting the camera, I hope I would get to take nice pictures to share here. 😀



Ouhhhh, BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving 2006

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PS3 madness

PS3 was luanched a couple days ago in the US., but a week before in Japan.  People got in line at least a day or two before launch date in order to get their hands on the newly released playstation.


If waiting in line is not crazy enough, you should take a look at ebay.

Before launch date, people listed auctions for ps3 by posting their pre-order reciepts (follow ebay’s regulation to prevent fraud) as a guarantee of having the items.  I think my friends told me the auctions ended range from $1200-$1600, give or take. Mind you the MRP for 60GB PS3 is $599.


PS3 system 


Since the launch date, the auctions have gone even crazier and crazier. The end prices would go up to $2-$3000


And, My friend also told me, one auction went up as high as $6000!  YEP! six-zero-zero-zero US dollars.  He joked that he should have campped out a week before so that he could get his hands on the system. *laugh*

And, as I browsed thru the auctions trying to find the $6000 auction, I found this one! 

Goshhh .. NOW even I regret I didn’t camp out at one of the stores for ps3 a week before the launch date. 😛



ouhhh .. if those are not enough .. some people even robbed the ones who just bought ps3 from stores.

crazy crazy crazy. 



ps. There might be only about 150-200k ps3 systems in the US.(instead of the promised 400k) for those game players, and X-mas the gift giving time of the year is coming soon. Maybe, this would explain the madness and we could make more senses out of it. 😀


Note: Let’s wait and see if Nintendo’s Wii will be doing any better. 😉


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Making some changes to color on this blog.

It still doesn’t look “nice”  enough to me on the color scheme.


I need it to be easy to read, at the same time seem fun, cute, etc.


Any suggestion?  😛

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What is this?

Today episode of House, a guy (got injected with some medicine) woke up from a 10-year-coma, may have only one day to live.  But, he insisted on going to Atlantic City, so House borrowed Wilson’s car. 


Long story short, when they’re about to take off this guy asked House

“What is this?  It says Ip-odd ” 



This cracked me, I laughed so hard!!  LOL

[Other parts of this episode are great too, but I guess you can read it in the message board]

But, seriously, is there anyone possibly calling an ipod “Ip-od“?  I mean given that it’s being really popular and all. 🙂



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The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth … so help me god???

Before I forget.  I need to put it up in here.


The other day, I leisurely browsed around as if I’m soooooo not having gazillion things to get done.  I found an interesting article (blog post?) about bodyshop and sell-out. I like their arguement about animal testing that’s why I wanted to put a link to the post here.


As I clicked back to their website to get URL of the animal testing topic, only glance at the topic of this new article got me laugh out loud … “Should You Worry About Pee In Your Make Up.”  I think I’m officially hooked to their site, scientists with sense of humor. 😀


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Playing with Google’s Adsense and stuff

Spot something different today? 



Learning by doing, someone said.

Wanting to get a hang of Adsense ideas and how they work, so here I am posting and adding them here and there to my blog.  Hope to learn bit by bit.



I don’t think I’d get rich(or die trying) by doing this ’cause my site doesn’t have much traffic. But when new things are out there, it’s good to know a thing or two about them, right? 😀




Note: I also updated version of the theme and learned about


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