PS3 madness

18 Nov

PS3 was luanched a couple days ago in the US., but a week before in Japan.  People got in line at least a day or two before launch date in order to get their hands on the newly released playstation.


If waiting in line is not crazy enough, you should take a look at ebay.

Before launch date, people listed auctions for ps3 by posting their pre-order reciepts (follow ebay’s regulation to prevent fraud) as a guarantee of having the items.  I think my friends told me the auctions ended range from $1200-$1600, give or take. Mind you the MRP for 60GB PS3 is $599.


PS3 system 


Since the launch date, the auctions have gone even crazier and crazier. The end prices would go up to $2-$3000


And, My friend also told me, one auction went up as high as $6000!  YEP! six-zero-zero-zero US dollars.  He joked that he should have campped out a week before so that he could get his hands on the system. *laugh*

And, as I browsed thru the auctions trying to find the $6000 auction, I found this one! 

Goshhh .. NOW even I regret I didn’t camp out at one of the stores for ps3 a week before the launch date. 😛



ouhhh .. if those are not enough .. some people even robbed the ones who just bought ps3 from stores.

crazy crazy crazy. 



ps. There might be only about 150-200k ps3 systems in the US.(instead of the promised 400k) for those game players, and X-mas the gift giving time of the year is coming soon. Maybe, this would explain the madness and we could make more senses out of it. 😀


Note: Let’s wait and see if Nintendo’s Wii will be doing any better. 😉


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2 responses to “PS3 madness

  1. no-i

    November 19, 2006 at 7:42 am

    For THAT price, I’d have camped out TOO! !o_O!

    That… unbelievable what ppl are willing to do/pay for that thing!

    I don’t play games myself, so I would never understand all the craziness. T______T

    BTW, here’s some wii craziness:

    probably less than ps3 craziness though…?


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