Amazon & Camera Hunt

22 Nov

Today, while I surfed thru a forum, I spotted an Amazon’s banner.   All my wonder has been answered!  Amazon also has a program, but they just don’t do it the same way as the others.  I should have found out about this years ago, darn. 😦 

How could I be so dumb? I should have looked closer, I would have found it!

[This serves as another evidence that there are a lot more I don’t know and I need to be more diligent]  




Anyway, I’ve been on a hunt for dSLR for quite sometime now.  Nikon D70s is quite economical(cheaper to be exact) for me.  But, I also want a Nikon D80 ’cause it’s a newer version camera,  and has 10MP which would be quite cool to have. 

However, I’m not so sure if I will be taking a lot of pictures once I start working, and my chance of turning into a professional photographer is very slim, heheh.  So, it wouldn’t be wise to invest a lot of money into the camera? Nonetheless, after getting the camera, I hope I would get to take nice pictures to share here. 😀



Ouhhhh, BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving 2006

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