13 Dec

What’s up with people about jealousy?
IMO, there is so much different between “I’m so envious/I envy you” and “Do you envy me?/Are you envious?”!!

Well, the former is like you might see something and want to do or have but not necessarily really really want or have an urge to do/have it.   But, the latter is, IMO, like an insult esp from the people whom I count as “friends”.  We’re too old to do these thing, I think.   Seriously, would it be more satisfying to the asker if the answer is “YES, I’m envious.”

Helloooooooo … Do you even know me!???! Are we friends???

hmm .. maybe they don’t realize it’s not good thing to say to a friend. Or, I’m too serious about this?

PS. My response? “Should I be (envious)?”  heheh

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Posted by on December 13, 2008 in Life


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