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Thing that counts

I heard, I liked, so I tried to do, then I forgot about it. 

One year later, I came across it again.  

I still agree with it, like it, and really really want to keep that in mind AT ALL TIME.  So I think it’s worth to be blogged here. 🙂 

It’s a quote from a movie I watched, The Last Kiss

Stephen: Stop talking about love. Every asshole in the world says he loves someone. It means nothing.
Micheal: But it’s ture.

Stephen: Still doesn’t mean anything. What you feel only matters to you. It’s what you do to the people you say you love. That’s what matters. That’s the only thing that counts.

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Too dark?

New theme ChaosTheory .. is it too dark with black background and all?

.. but it probably suits my life at the moment. 😉

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Wait .. just to miss it?

I don’t know why sometimes I bother to wait or watch or do whatever … and then miss the good stuff at  the last minute.

Well, the other day, I watched American Next Top Model marathon with a friend, I watched it until the last episode, then fell asleep just MINUTES before announcing the winner!  After the annoucement, my friend said something then I woke up. I asked. Then she said you watched all these time(almost all afternoon) just to miss the result!?!  ^^”

Then, a couple days ago, I watched on item on ebay.  Almost end time, I watched TV while waiting.  One hour before .. I kept refreshing the page.   Ten minutes before the bid ended … I kept refreshing.  I watched the Samantha Who? [hilarious new series BTW], and the series was getting interesting .. so I watched … then refreshed .. then the bid ended just a few seconds ago!  

My thought was .. why bother?  Should have bidded then let it be …. but, well .. I wouldn’t do that .. you know part of the fun of bidding on eBay, beside getting good deal, is the thrill at the last minute and the few seconds of the auction.  

I just need to NOT stay in too much comfy position while waiting for something. 😉

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Takashi Murakami @ MOCA

If you’re one of Murakami’s fans and you happen to be in LA sometime before Feb 11, 2008, MOCA might be one stop that you’d want to make. 😉  The admission fee isn’t so bad too, $8 in general, $5 for student w/ ID, Free on Thursday 5pm-8pm.

Murakami’s famous works are Kaikai & Kiki and LV Multicolore, eye series, panda, cherry blossom etc. Well, at least these are what led me to know him. [not know know .. well you know what I meant :p ]

Here is what LAtimes said about him.

Fun read: the C-Monster’s experience when she went to the exhibition.

“I think this whole thing is just one big penis.”

“It’s an artwork, not a Rolls Royce.”

And here is where you could see lots of nice photos of the exhibition. Make me want to go even more. 😉  Still don’t know if I will get to go or not … will see.

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