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Allegro Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile – Allegro Cantabile (piano solo)  




The original version of the song

SUEMITSU THE SUEMITH – Allegro Cantabile
and yeah .. that poor piano  😦
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First one on one interview

First part 

Second part 

.. Sigh …


Too much of something

Have you ever felt it’s everywhere so sick of it?

Maybe I’m bitter? heheh.

When I was happily in love, we didn’t really care about the day. No special celebration. No special gift. [If I wanted to celebrate every year, I could have pressured him by giving him a hard time. You know, power of woman and all. 😛 ]

So *I* think I’m not really really sick of it because I’m bitter.
I just think it’s too much of a hype (every year hype?), a trend, a commercial way to sell stuff, and etc.  The commercial part, certain someone pointed out to me a few years back[about many festive events too] and I agreed (Was it a very brilliant way to NOT have to celebrate? hmm).  
Since I have been reading a lot of blogs, threads, etc etc lately; I’ve seen too much of “it.”  I’m kinda sick of it because it’s everywhere thus it’s so not that special anymore.

Do I seem negative?  Probably.

Nonetheless, I’m happy with everyone who’s happy today.  Happy V day!  😉

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Be specific

I read it somewhere a while back (please don’t ask me when and WHERE!) that one way to keep up with your New Year Resolutions is be specific.
So here I am being specific, however, I’m not sure if this was part of my original resolutions (too lazy to go look).

Anyway, here goes!

Each month, I will finish two books that’re not related to my work.  One  book would be fun book.  Another would be something somewhat in academic area.  At the beginning of the month, I will list both books here, and I’ll report my progress at the end of the month. 🙂

So for the month of Febuary, I’ll finish To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for fun.  I bought the book to read while I’m traveling back home so I guess there would be no problem finishing the book. 

Another book I still have no idea which one to read.  I’m thinking something in Finance, Investment, or Economic. 
Any suggestions?  TIA. 🙂

PS. If finishing the books mean less browsing thru Internet world, I shall do so!!  (well, let’s see how it goes in less internet part. heheh. 😛 )

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