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A good course … to fight cancer

The lyric just feel right for the life at the moment.

Everything will be alright, yeah

The heart is stronger than you think
Like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can’t it finds a way to still push on, though

Sometime you want to run away
Ain’t got the patience for the pain
And if you don’t believe it look into your heart, the beat goes on

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Nine and seven months later

If it was a baby, it’d have due any minute now.

But, it’s my life this year, it’s not going anywhere or growing any taller.

A year is fast as you grow older, I guess it’s so true.

I just realized 2008 is almost gone … so it hits me.

Where do I stand in term of my new year resolution?

Three quarters in review;

First and foremost, my writing skill(?) worsen. oops it’s not in my resolution?

nonetheless .. it sucks big time.

[it shows that I don’t much keep up with my NYR as I have to open the page to see what are in my resolution]

  1. To be more unruffled, less agitated at things when they’re not as I expected or at my pace.
  2. To have the presence of mind more than yesteryear.
  3. To treat people right. Sometimes, it comes from the above resolutions.
  4. Learn a new language or brush up my Chinese.
  5. Learn about investment so that I could make sound financial plan.
  6. Take care of myself, both emotion, and appearances.
  7. Do at least one good thing each month for people in need/less fortunate.
  8. To stop making excuses for my actions OR things I don’t do.

1. I think I’m the weakest link now .. lol .. life here moves so fast. Lots of new things to learn yet I’m still not moving as fast as I should for several reasons.

2. OK. Present of mind … hmmm .. I’ll get back to you on that later.

3. I think I’m doing this ok.

4. shame shame

5. & 6. hmmm

7. I donated blood (for the first time in my life!) once, and plan to do another time soon. I just gave money to 2 charity courses. And, gave to this and that a few times. [don’t really remember] .. need to do more though.

8. I think I’m ok on this too.

hmm .. I thought I wrote something about reading book in the NYR too. maybe not.

.. I think I better stop rumbling now and go back to work. sigh. my NYR seems so naive at some point .. maybe life & work make me grow a lot older in 7 months?

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in Need

Attention! .. positive energy is urgently needed.  in and out.


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Not as expected

I can’t believe I’m about to say this …. I’ve been reading too many textbooks lately and I don’t get to read non-academic books as much as I expected. sigh.

Before I got back here, I was afraid I didn’t read enough textbooks. So, I just wanted to write it for record it. 😛

Oh well … how I miss chick-lit.

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