Another year … to fight

17 Nov

Before the end of today, I’d like to thanks those who remember my cough25thcough birthday. wish you all the best. 🙂


I think this year should be a good year for me … I shall make it a good year (plus from prediction/zodiac etc next calendar year supposes to be a good year for me 😉 )



I mean … I should focus on good things in my life, be thankful for everything I have.

Bad, petty people did do and will still bother me, but I shouldn’t let it make my life miserable, right?



I think my resolution would be balance my personal life and work, find time to work out, and every once in a while do things that make me happy (more on this later).  These would be three things that I will try to make it possible.


[so sleepy — might edit some part later]


One response to “Another year … to fight

  1. no-i

    November 18, 2008 at 9:01 am

    lol. *coughstwentyfivecoughs*? 😉 So, of course next year will be better for you na ka as you’ll be out of benjaped leaw~

    I’m actually okay with that, you know, b/c in that case, i’ll be *coughstwentyonecoughs*

    seems like we’re both sick and coughing today


    best of luck with the whole resolution na ka. 🙂 work out more~ yay!!! 😀 let’s do that after the 7 dec. 😉 And things that make you happy… let me know what they are too! 😀


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