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Randy Pausch Inspires Class of 2008

From the Great Lecture entry, the same inspiring Prof Pausch was invited back to CMU to address 2008 gradutes …


“What matters is I can kind of look back and say,

pretty much everytime I got a chance to do anything cool,

I tried to grab for it and that’s where my solace comes from.

Don’t give up on finding it. Because then all you’re doing is waiting for the reaper.

You will not find that passion in things. You will not find that passion in money.

Because the more things and the money you have, you will look around and use that as the metric and there will always be someone with more.

Your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside.

That passion will be grounded in people, in the relationship…

I hope you find that kind of passion, that kind of love…in your life.

I waited until 39 to get married because I had to wait that long

to find someone where her happiness is more important than mine.”



Sadly, he already passed on July 25th 2008 .. 😦

The thing is I heard it on the radio that day that I went to work a bit late than usual .. when I realized what the news was about it gave me chill .. if I had gone to work at usual time, I wouldn’t have heard the news on the radio.  Was it to remind me of something important?

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What did I expect?

Sigh …


Right, what did I expect?

Yesterday … Just a friendly sms to certain someone to HBD … with best wishes … just that …

And what did I expect in return?  A friendly call?  A thx message?


yeah .. what do I expect?

I’ve been telling myself I don’t want him back and believe so .. I don’t even want to meet … just friends

Is it too much to ask? 



[actually, I haven’t even asked to be friends … but sometimes secretly thinking if I should ask …  friends so that I can consult to find an answer or way out … maybe I’m too selfish or too stressed out w/ all the conflicts and pressure at work. 

Maybe one day when i’m sure what I really want w/ no hidden agenda .. I’ll ask.  One day hopefully soon enough … I don’t want to keep thinking from time to time esp when I want solutions.]


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