Follow-up 1

21 Jan
  1. To be more unruffled, less agitated at things when they’re not as I expected or at my pace.
  2. To have the presence of mind more than yesteryear
  3. To treat people right. Sometimes, it comes from the above resolutions.

I think I failed miserably to keep up with my resolution 1 & 3.

I’ve been very agitated with my friend thru IM, and it showed. She asked a lot of good intended questions. But, I’m the kinda person that doesn’t want to answer a lot of questions about things. Sometimes, I really acted on it to show that I don’t like it. I don’t know if she didn’t get the message or she just ignored it on the account of liking me. She doesn’t deserve the way I responded to questions lately. I shouldn’t have done it.

.. be more .. considerate and cool and calm!!

Plus .. I’m feeling that I still AM the same stupid-dragging-my-feet person. need to work on this too.

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Posted by on January 21, 2008 in Resolution


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