Buy it .. and stuck with it.

11 Jan

Do not buy from Lenxxx unless you are sure that your computer system/laptop will show its problem if there is any within 21 days of SHIPPED date, otherwise, you’re screwed.

Tech support people are so great. But sale department and customer service people are suck big time. It should be named customer threatening department. They’re so NOT friendly, NOT helpful and NOT understanding. 😦

No replacement policy. Either return with 15% restocking fee[I don’t want to return .. I want a computer that doesn’t have problem within the first couple of weeks of use!!!!!!] or or stuck with the system if they can’t find out what the problem is. [hopefully they can find it out.] Or .. return and good luck with ordering a new system at whatever price at that time.

I guess this is why some people prefer buying the computer from big stores near home so that they can get it in and get feedback right away. Either return or replace it.

I’m not mad anymore I guess .. I’m just upset [is it different?] and think it’s a very bad experience. I won’t buy from them again, especially if I can’t get NICE customer service representatives. And, I didn’t talk to just one or two reps. It’s not like they computers are cheapo than their rivals. If that is the case, I might have felt better than this because you know .. a trade off .. paying less, a little rough customer support.

Oh .. and I got transfered to a few different departments ..and they don’t know how other departments work. i.e. customer service can’t tell the very least what the time frame of tech support repairmen is, and won’t transfer customer’s call. Sale don’t know how return department works.

I’m so used to calling one person in customer service and they can take care of it for me right there and then. Am I too spoiled by good customer services from all other companies?

BTW, I gave in .. wait to see if tech support can get the machine back to me on Next Friday as promised [scheduled to be pickup on Monday].

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Posted by on January 11, 2008 in Ranting


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