New Year Resolution

01 Jan

At first I thought I’d let the last entry be my year end summary/new year resolution. However, I think it might be better to put things into word in bullet points so that I could constantly remind myself about it.

    1. To be more unruffled, less agitated at things when they’re not as I expected or at my pace.
    2. To have the presence of mind more than yesteryear.
    3. To treat people right. Sometimes, it comes from the above resolutions.
    4. Learn a new language or brush up my Chinese.
    5. Learn about investment so that I could make sound financial plan.
    6. Take care of myself, both emotion, and appearances.
    7. Do at least one good thing each month for people in need/less fortunate.
    8. To stop making excuses for my actions OR things I don’t do. What good is good, what bad is bad. When you fail to do something OR do something bad, sometimes the reason is so simple i.e. being ignorant not thinking well enough.

      Hope I could do at least half of the list if not all. 🙂


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