Wait .. just to miss it?

14 Nov

I don’t know why sometimes I bother to wait or watch or do whatever … and then miss the good stuff at  the last minute.

Well, the other day, I watched American Next Top Model marathon with a friend, I watched it until the last episode, then fell asleep just MINUTES before announcing the winner!  After the annoucement, my friend said something then I woke up. I asked. Then she said you watched all these time(almost all afternoon) just to miss the result!?!  ^^”

Then, a couple days ago, I watched on item on ebay.  Almost end time, I watched TV while waiting.  One hour before .. I kept refreshing the page.   Ten minutes before the bid ended … I kept refreshing.  I watched the Samantha Who? [hilarious new series BTW], and the series was getting interesting .. so I watched … then refreshed .. then the bid ended just a few seconds ago!  

My thought was .. why bother?  Should have bidded then let it be …. but, well .. I wouldn’t do that .. you know part of the fun of bidding on eBay, beside getting good deal, is the thrill at the last minute and the few seconds of the auction.  

I just need to NOT stay in too much comfy position while waiting for something. 😉

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Posted by on November 14, 2007 in Fun


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