When I read too fast

21 Aug

I just read this post and I was like what!?!  Mind you, I did a double take but my mind still thought …. “why do you need contraception to tone up your booty?”

Where on earth have I been to miss this new concept! LOL  And, who come up with this crazy idea? And, would people go to that length just to tone up your booty?

Then I re-read it and it’s finally sunk in .. damn .. it was contraptions!

I know everyone doesn’t read every word and we still understand even though certain words don’t spell right.  But who would make this kinda mistake? shame shame but very funny at the same time though.  (I was not and had not been thinking about contraception at all so I don’t know why I read it that way.) :p

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Posted by on August 21, 2007 in Beauty


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