When the tracking showed delivered

16 Aug

But, where?  LOL.

Just happened to me this evening. :/

I’ve been waiting for the package since yesterday, but I was too lazy to check the status because sometimes UPS just reschedules.  But, the package was not here by the evening so I did check and I saw “delivered” yesterday.! 

I was like what!?! Where?  Again? :/

I had let them know and they said they’d fix it. 

So I called CS to notify them.  The rep I got was unbelivable. 😦

She said it showed delivered. So I said I didn’t get it where did it go?  They must deliver to the wrong address. She said it went to 123 S. abc Ave, BUT my address is 4567 N. abc Ave!  She went further that the label on the package showed as 123 S. abc Ave.  I told her it’s impossible becuase the shipper has my correct address.  It must be the small label they put on when it come to the local center.  She argued with me .. NO NO .. the shipper put that 123 address!  There is nothing she can do, not even connect me to the local center!  The only person can put a trace on the package is shipper, I have to contact shipper.  I was so angry so I hung up, and call the shipper. 

The shipper’s CS was so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. she tried to work it out for me, she also confirmed that the address was correct, and then she said she’ll take care of it. She also notified me I have another package coming today. I didn’t know it was a partial shipment. -_-‘  Anyway, she gave me the tracking number of another package and told me the package was not delivered yet.  So maybe I should just call UPS again to make sure they deliver to the right address.  She also told me she know I wouldn’t want to call UPS. hahah.  But, since she was so nice and I was clamer so I called.

The second UPS rep I got was so nice and helpful too.  She said the package is on its way and she saw the label as my correct address.  So, we talked a little and I told her I wanted to make sure because the other package was delivered to other place.  She asked me the tracking number, I gave her.  Then she track it and said it was delivered and the addresss she saw was 4567 N. abc Ave not the wrong one! -____-”  I told her and she looked and said she didn’t see another address. -_-‘   Then she apologized for the other rep.   I asked her if she could fix it becuase it’s happened a few times already, she said she could file a complaint for me.  Put me on hold. Then told me someone would contact me by the end of business day.

About 1-2 hrs later, one person from local center called.  He asked me to confirm my adress and stuff, and I told him the problem.  And he’s the first person who knew what I was talking about!  The small label they put on for sorting packages onto delivery trucks.  That person told me ahh he knew what I was talking about, it’s called by them as “Pal Label”  and my case is “Bad Pal Label”, the computer can be confused sometimes. ^^”   And he said he know who to notify and get this problem fixed.

And, guess what the second package went to the wrong address too, but this time I guess truck driver noticed that the street numbers are different. So, the info showed as need new correct address. ^^”

For now, I just have my fingers crossed.  I don’t know if the problem will occur or not because I don’t plan to order stuff anytime soon. But who knows?  I might! 😛 

ps. Since I got this kinda problems, I know sorting and delivery people don’t really check the labels on the packages, they just go by  what the computer system generates.  

pps. pardon my english again. I think it’s getting worse. LOL  and today I just type type type and don’t plan to proofread. 🙂

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