This does take the cake.

13 Aug

Thought I wouldn’t blog about it.  But, this one does take the cake esp part that I circled. I view it as a personal attack.  [background: other people in the thread say that “Joyy~” is a kind-older-lady(pu-yai-jai-dee). I don’t know how old she is, though.]


Mind you, this comment is the thread starter’s.  And yeah right, you’re so impartial(just wanna make things right etc) and don’t hold anything against J in your mind. : /

Too bad I don’t have login. LOL
I just don’t like the way the thread was started plus first 20 replies or so. Too much drama .. and gave a feeling of people who agreed before starting/replying this thread, know what I mean?

She also said that she’s reported many people who did wrong(selling stuff), why is it different for this case then? just report away  

Actually, there is a speculation in the thread, I think reply#3xx(don’t really remember).   It’s too much of conspiracy but well anything can happen judging from the ways she said “No’s”. lol

Really good example of (fill in your own answer .. I have too many LoL). 

Actually, today I just meet people .. who talked behind one’s back in a not liking sense!  Then, I see them go out/work out or sometimes eat out together.  : /  

This will be blogged later.  hope I have time and mood.  

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Posted by on August 13, 2007 in คนหนอคน


One response to “This does take the cake.

  1. B

    August 14, 2007 at 7:23 am

    Just a quick note: web master seems to rule “Not Guilty” to the accusee 🙂


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