Harry Potter & The Deadly Hollows

24 Jul








Anywho, Harry and his friends came into my life around the book released date on Summer 2003. I’ve heard of him once or twice before, but didn’t care much ’cause I don’t normally like magical or fantasy stuff.

But on that day, I went for grocery shopping and found a lot of HP&OOTPs laying around. I guess I was kinda curious and had a lot of time to waste(or do whatever I want to). ^^” I wanted to know what the hype is all about so I looked for a copy of the first book to see if I like it. And, yeah you may already guess, I was hooked! LOL Anyway, that summer I took HP books with me to every party we had. ^^” To me, I didn’t know which was the best books I like from 1-5 ’cause I read them all non-stop and didn’t stop to think which I like best. It’s just me, I don’t accustom to raking what I like best or worst.

Anyway, the death of Serius hit me hard, I didn’t know it was coming. It was too cruel at the time, sad and cruel in my opinion. : ( Still .. love the series.

July 2005, I was waiting for the Half Blood Prince with really really high expectation. I don’t really remember the feeling while reading much .. but yeah the ending and the dead of Dumby(people call him that right? lol) … upset me. I was like WHAT? And close the book and hate it.

And, now .. the last one … hmmm .. I don’t know. I’m 50-50. I’m glad and sad it ended(bittersweet, perhaps). I kinda like it. However, the book explains too much detail at some points. Some parts are too cheesy to me. And, I hate the epilogue it’s nice but it’s like the end of fairy tale .. everybody lives happy ever after stuff like that. It threw me off because from books 5 it’s getting darker and darker, cruel too.. JK said something about children need to learn about the cruel world but ending like that .. really really threw me off .. it’s like everything will be fine in the end, more like getting smacked on the head then in the end getting a pat on the back.[Epilogue is reassuring .. like a rest after long journey .. but I can imagine that myself.] Nonetheless someone said JK need to do that so that’s no one can write sequels after she’s gone[the patent will be expire then I guess.] They said there are crappy sequels of Gone with the Wind & Jane Austin’s novels. I don’t know if that’s the case but well …

The death of Snape was sad too he spend his whole life loving Lily. I don’t really know if it’s love or became obsession. At first I wondered why Snape told Harry to look at him before he died .. but a person enlighten me that he wanted to see Lily’s eyes for the last night. How sad is that (I’m getting all teary now)

Anywho, the sadest dead for me in the book was Dobby’s dead. I just felt really really sad.

The other characters were killed off too easily but then again if JK wrote about them i.e. how Tonks & Lupin died etc. We might have 7.1(Deadly Hollows .. it almost ends) AND 7.2(this really is the final one! hahah).

I still am not totally understand the whole process of killing of Voldy tho. Maybe I was getting tired .. and didn’t read well enough. [The need to get rid of Horcruxes before he could die .. I thought it just helps him to resurrect … why didn’t Voldy die in the forest but die afterward(I guess both times the spell were backfire), HP’s blood with his mother’s charm in Valdy’s body plays any part in final few chapters?, the whole idea behind the forest scene HOW does it help to get rid of … HP selflessness, why does Voldy need to be the one who kills HP in the forest .. so that the protective charm in Voldy’s body was removed?, etc etc]

Enough for now .. someone’s interrupting me. I might or might not write more about this ..


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3 responses to “Harry Potter & The Deadly Hollows

  1. B

    July 24, 2007 at 11:14 am

    Didn’t proof read .. so typos and grammatical errors are to be expected. LOL

  2. B

    July 24, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    One answer is on pp 708-710.

    – Horcruxes are for immortality, right? (At first I was confused because I thought Horcruxes are just for Voldy to resurrect … as from the beginning he was kinda die from his body when he tried to kill the baby Harry)
    – With Harry’s blood within Voldy, Voldy couldn’t have killed Harry in the Forest. But, he could kill his own soul in Harry’s body. I guess this is why Dumby told Snape that it’s important that Voldy has to be the one who kill Harry(If other people kill Harry, Harry would actually die for sure).
    – When Nagini finally died, no Horcruxes left .. he finally died.

    Still have some question .. in the forest it seems Voldy was unconcious or maybe death for a moment but still can come back to life (due to Horcruxes) .. why couldn’t he have done so when Harry was a baby?

    I’m kinda understand yet confused at some details. I didn’t reread other books and didn’t carefully read&memorize all the important detail … so if I get my facts(or understanding) wrong, please correct me. 🙂

  3. Chenox

    March 25, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    I think voldy coldnt do that because its horcruxes needed a piece of soul from somebody, like ginny gave to sorvolo’s diary


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