Dreadful Laundry day

08 May

It’s been ahem probably a month or two already since my last visit. I went to do my laundry this afternoon and, it must have been my lucky day!(read further to find out) It’s not that I didn’t have any clothes left, I just ran out the comfy ones. 😛 yehyeh I know I have lot of clothes. I think most women have lot of clothes, don’ t they?

The reason I don’t like to do laundry every week or every other week ‘coz I think the fixed time is the same no matter how many clothes you’re cleaning, given there are more than enough washers & dryers available. The only difference is the folding(variable) time. So why waste time doing it too often. Speaking as a lazy dude I am. 😛

As hot as it was today, I tried to keep my-laundry-spirit up. After putting my clothes into washers, I sit with my book and ipod. Reading and listening in the air-conditioned room for a while, there they were two adorable kids(boys) running into the room. My admiration for the cuteness didn’t even have time to fade away, they started to scream out of their lungs. Scared, my calm and cool laundry day flew out the window. I still tried to concentrate and mind my own business. Nooo, my chick-lit and lil ipod couldn’t save me. To make it worse, both evil adorable kids decided to run around the room and screamed in the closed environment every 1-2 minutes, and the mother did nothing to stop them. Even though my eyes were still at the book, my mind already jumped across the room to smack … wait! which one(s) should I smack, the mother for allowing her sons to constantly scream on the top of their lungs in public place OR the two sons OR all of the above? shk! shk!

And, sometimes, I amazed how much people can tolerate. There were 4-5 more (Am) people in the said-incident-room, but they said nothing to the mother! How could I, a nice asian gal, lose my temper and yank the kids out of the room? Sigh .. my head started pounding

Thank god, I finished my laundry without hurting anyone.


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5 responses to “Dreadful Laundry day

  1. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    May 9, 2007 at 3:01 am

    As being a woman, yes, I have a lot of clothes, esp. vests with different colours. My mum is fashionable and likes dressing me up, somehow. And somehow, I am more boyish.. hahaa.. and rarely take good care of myself or even try to ress nicely, but whatever I can grab from the wardrobe.

    Now, my mum started buying clothes for me since I was a kid till now. Some clothes have been used only twice and they have been given out, without my notice. LOL..

    One of my cousins lived in the US before and she said she did the laundry once in two weeks _*_ and never ironed any clothes. I do not like ironing much. I am bad at that!

    Hahaa.. kids are kids.. Just think of those yelling-outs as music of the day! Hehee..

  2. bpitti

    May 9, 2007 at 9:31 am

    Hahaa.. kids are kids.. Just think of those yelling-outs as music of the day! Hehee..

    Yeah kids are kids .. Soooo .. I should have smacked the mother then? 😛
    And it was a very high-pitch music to my ear. – -‘

    Nonetheless, minus the screaming, those boys were really really cute. 🙂

  3. bpitti

    May 9, 2007 at 9:10 pm

    Forgot one thing, yes we rarely iron our clothes including my friends. Except we have to make presentation of something. 😛
    If you hang your clothes right after taking out of the dryer, it’ll look just fine. 🙂
    [Most of the time, we wear T-shirt, tank-top, collared tops, and jeans though.]

  4. no-i

    May 10, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    hehe. glad to hear you didn’t hurt anyone!!! ^^%

    But seriously…. 2 months? I know i also have a lot of clothes…. but i could never go more than 2 weeks without running out of my bras. : ( : (

    but of course, back in the days when I had to do those… (: P) there were only 3 functioning washers. so, if i go a whole month, i’d have to run 2 washing cycles anyway… : P

    But I do agree with your fixed-variable time thing. : )

    btw. I figured out that bad-badtz is a penguin when I figured out that maru is actually a seal. : )

  5. bpitti

    May 10, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    Frankly, I’m really not sure how long it’s been. hahah


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