The numbers .. now it makes sense.

03 May

Have you seen a certain set of English alphabets and numbers all over different websites lately?

I did.
I stumbled across a set of numbers and letters, which made no sense to me.
At first I didn’t care. But after seeing it a couple more times, I got curious I had to find out!

A few diggings later, I found my answer.
Here has full explaination.
Read some ..

The next-generation of movies are now available in two high-definition formats called HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Each format has its own consortium of hardware makers pushing for domination in the same way that VHS and BetaMax battled it out in the 1980’s. Both formats employ a copy protection scheme called AACS to thwart potential problems. This AACS system is a method of Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM locks consumers into using media with certain machines. Have you bought music from iTunes? Have you noticed that the files you purchased cannot be copied from one computer to another without first verifying that you purchased them? That is DRM at work.

More interesting story …
Following the encryption leaking, Hollywood has been trying to limit the damage old fashion way, i.e. threaten to sue or close the ISP, web host where people publish “the Hollerith Code.” And the worst part was the hosts played along, for a while, by deleting those pages. How could they not, who want to get sued? However, after a lot of users got angry and striked back. They, the ISP or hosts, gave up I guess. Nonetheless, I didn’t compose this post to support or against “publishing the encryption.” [If you’re interested, read EEF briefly discussed on legal side about the AACS-LA here] The reasons are not only to record the meaning of “the number”, but also to emphasize the issues that “triggered” a lot people to do what they did, The threat of freedom and the Censorship. And yeah, who said there is no censorship in developed countries. booo!

The damage was done (and expanding). This also serves as another evidence that internet is next to impossible to “control.”
Well, here is the example of the internet nightmare after big guys tried to suppress somethings. If NOT trying to censor, a LOT of people wouldn’t have temptd, when I say a LOT I mean 2,450,000 web results (as of today) LOT, to want to broadcast it. In my opionion, “It” would probably still be spreaded from hand to hand only in a small community of people.

déjà vu .. anyone?

Though, I have seen the numbers, I still have no idea what/how to do with ’em.
And, I don’t have time or care enough to find out. 😛


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3 responses to “The numbers .. now it makes sense.

  1. no-i

    May 3, 2007 at 4:27 am

    : ) isn’t it awesome how things spread online? this is surely one censorship turns sour!!!

    Not that an average joe would know what to do with the number though… but hey! now it’s out there and it cannot be stopped!

    Why-oh-why did they think they can use just *one* key for all this anyway?

  2. bpitti

    May 3, 2007 at 9:42 am

    Well, I *guess* they’ve been using “one key” ’cause it’s easier and cheaper to build the machine/write code to encode it. And, probably easier to decode it to boardcast on TV.

    Now look how much it costs them. ^^”
    Perhaps, it’s time to upgrade. 😛

  3. alwayslek

    May 3, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    I was surprise about the Digg phenomenal. After the fist code was deleted from Digg. Many Digg users were mad and post more code on Digg. The whole page was about the hex number, then Kalvin gave up. 555


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