16 Apr

I couldn’t express how upset, disturbed, sad, and angry I’ve been feeling since I learned about the Massacre at Va Tech this morning.


Though there is no one I know involved in the situation, it doesn’t affect me any less.

I couldn’t imagine how people who’re affected directly from this event would feel.

I can only send my deepest condolences to everyone who is affected.

I can’t understand someone who just starts shooting randomly to people.

If you have problem, try to work it out. You don’t go out shooting other people, then take your own life.

I don’t get it! 😦

If you don’t love your life and don’t see meaning of living, just take yours. Don’t take others with you.

[mind you, I do not support people to commit suicide to escape problems or to get attentions.]


It took me a while to take it all in as the breaking news revealed more updates during the day. Every news channel run story about it until now and probably until tomorrow and the day after.

Too many mistakes, too many deads(33) and injuries.

Something at this magnitude makes you re-think about life and so many things.

Sad sad …  couldn’t imagine what those families and love ones have to go thru. 

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Posted by on April 16, 2007 in News, World


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