14 Apr

Last night, I watched National Treasure on USA.  There was also a neak preview for Nicolas Cage ‘s new movie, NEXT. [I know I know it’s a way to promote new movie by putting old ones on TV]   


In the preview of NEXT, I think Juliann Moore is as beautiful as she was in Hannibal or Laws of Attraction. 

Moore plays as an FBI agent who captures Cage in a room(tied in a chair) and their convesation goes as ..

Cage: What about my freedom.

Moore: With freedom comes responsibility.


That’s all I can remember and WANT to put it here.   😛

(You can easily find detail of the movie on internet)  



I first knew or noticed Cage from the Rock . And, I kinda liked him in that movie the most maybe as a result from the fact that I really liked the movie.

Watching National Treasure again, I like Riley(Justin Bartha) more than the lead actors, though. 

i.e. the dialog goes as

Ben[Obsessed oops Passionate about treasure hunting and history]: I’m sorry I have to drop you, I have to save the declaration of independence.

Abigali[National Archivesconservator]: Don’t worry.  I would have done the same.

Ben: Really? [In a delightful sort of feeling]

Riley[Cut into the moment of romance]: I would have dropped you both.  Freaks.

//Me: *ROFLOL*
And many other dialogs by him. 🙂

Nonetheless, I didn’t remember noticing him in Gigli(yeh yeh .. at the time, I rented all DVDs, I mean ALL that’re available in store, blame it on All-you-can-rent from Blockbuster, okay?), and Failure to Launch, though.

But from now on, I will kinda root for you Justin! (see. we go by first first name already. :P)


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