17 Feb

People don’t like to be judged, but they can’t help being judgmental.

Just a note on random things:

– Brit just shaved her head

– Anna Nicole Smith passed away a while back

– I have headache

– Just saw JT on Saturday Night Life

– People have ability to put apple and orange together and then produce a seem-to-be-reasonable banana

– Gained weight but just bought ice cream

– Beyonce is on SI cover, swimsuit issue, which seem to be a big deal.

– Tomorrow, I shall wear new clothes.

– I think today is the last day of snow of the season.

– My eye sight might be worse, hopefully, I don’t need prescription eye glasses

– Craving for tasty Quiche. bought almost everything I need but ready to bake crust[original plan was not to put too much work into it]

– Also bought something for Crepe too.

– Need Mango for Cheesecake

– Going to bed now

Happy Chinese New Year


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Posted by on February 17, 2007 in Life, News


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