The beloved BKK

29 Jan

Well, It’s not the country as a whole, not even close. But, I think BKK is more well-known to people in the rest of the world than TH.

And, I often encounter people who mistake/mishear TH for Taiwan, which is a totally different country so to speak. 

I never tried too hard to changing their understanding.  I stopped after 1-2 attempts to correct them ’cause when they don’t know the country, they don’t know the country.

Note: next time when I get a question like ‘where r u from?’, I should try BKK for a change. 😛 



Anyway, that’s not the issues here. The thing is I just read a food blog of a food lover/traveller who just visited BKK.  Sometimes, it’s refreshing to know what travellers think of our capital city. 🙂




Talking to people about Bangkok and Thailand they tended to fall into two camps. On one side people who felt that Bangkok is dirty, smelly, noisy and I’d be better off getting out and sitting on a beach for a week.

On the other side people who probably knew me a little better thought that Bangkok is dirty, smell, noisy and I’d probably love every minute of it. As for myself I figured the only expectations I really had about the city were based on an Indiana Jones movie (and I don’t think that was even Bangkok) and the inevitable lurid tales of lady boys and ping pong shows, which I knew probably wasn’t that fair an appraisal.

This is a city that will shock, delight and horrify in equal measure. It’s self confident, comic and can take your breath away.

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Getting fed in Bangkok isn’t a problem. Walk in any particular direction for any length of time and you’ll stroll past food stalls selling anything from chilli spiked fruit, chicken satays and succulent pork belly on pillows of rice to strange kebabs of cut frankfurter, miniature pancakes filled with crème patissier and dried squid cooked over coals. The streets hum to the sound of frying, bubbling and the crackle of coals. The problem isn’t getting fed. It’s deciding just what to eat for fear of turning a corner and seeing something else that looks good.

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The Moon Bar and it’s aptly named parent restaurant Vertigo has the most remarkable views of anywhere that I’ve picked up a knife and fork. It’s not just the fact that the whole of Bangkok is spread out around you and that the view is an uninterrupted 360 degrees, it’s the fact that it’s completely open air and quite a pleasant place to sit, cool with a gentle breeze, though I am told they close it when the wind picks up.

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I could be bias.

So, after reading his entries, what do you think? 😉

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