Sleepless in …

18 Jan

I decided to go to bed around 11pm.  

Tucked myself in bed, close my eyes.  

A big while, still awake. 

Got up. 

Turned on computer, browsed around for 30mins, turned it off.

Tried to sleep again. Turned on TV with timer.  Closed my eyes.

Still awake.

Renewed the timer .. twice!

Looked at the clock, 4am.

Tossed and turned.

4:25am.  Attempted to make a call.

Best of my luck. 

Couldn’t connect to the destination. 

Called customer service.  Rep said it might be due to high volumn calls to/in the country.

So, couldn’t talk to anyone.

Turned on computer. Onlined MSN. Best of luck again, no one onlined.

Microwaved a glass of milk. 

Drank it.

Updating this blog, hoping I will fall a sleep soon.

Maybe, I will read my new book. 

If that doesn’t work, I’d have to use the extreme method … read a textbook. hahah It would be my last resort. :X

5:27am  now.

19 F outside. 

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