It’s here!

18 Jan

My almost two-months-waiting 18-200mm dSLR lens has finally come today. 

I’m Kinda happy and can’t wait for the weather to be nicer so that I can test this lens.




Beside the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night.

And the fact that a FedEx delivery guy just decided to give me two next-to-slient-knocks on my door.[I didn’t expect the lens to come today but I expected something else .. so luckily I kept my ears open] 

Then, he just put the box outside my door practically almost half way off the walkway so no one couldn’t have not seen the box  …. and he vanished as fast as he could!

What if I didn’t hear his knocks and some random dude took the box and hit jackpot with this lens[ok. it’s always out of stock and over-MRP-sold on ebay]? 

I’m fume just to think about the possibility of having to file the claim[hopefully, it’s covered by insurance], get in line for the lens again, and wait for another 2 months! 


shk! shk!










Nonetheless .. I’m thrill that the wait is over. yay!   😀


Posted by on January 18, 2007 in Photography


3 responses to “It’s here!

  1. no-i

    January 19, 2007 at 11:39 pm

    Yay~ It’s here. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your photo from this lens! 😀

  2. DulceDiana

    March 20, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Hello fellow photography aficionado. I’m in a quest to buy a new digital camera. My budget is between $200 and $240. I like taking pictures while on vacation or simply when I want to capture a sweet memory or an unforgettable scene. I don’t know any specifics on cameras but I know well enough the cheap ones do me no good! Lol…Do you have any advice or can you recommend one?
    I am considering getting one direct from Panasonic (I receive a company discount).

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


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