Movies I’ve been watching these 2 weeks

27 Dec

1. Devil Wears Prada.  I read the book during the Summer.  The movie’s plot is not exactly like the book, but I guess it’s the hollywood way of Devil — not so devil. heheh.  Still, I enjoyed to movie, love both lead actresses. 🙂



2. Over the Hedge.  Uhm .. it’s okay I think.  Maybe I’m too old for cartoon.  But, some animation movies i.e. Iced Age, I still enjoy.  Let me say it again .. I’m too old for naive, nice, do-gooder, or straight forward movies.



3. Miami Vice.  Stay away from it at all cost.  Maybe I’m exaggerating, I don’t know. But I think it didn’t worth watching and not fun.  Normally, I don’t pay attention to camera angle, special effect or stuff in that sort. So, if I noticed some scenes as ‘bad produced’, then I guess it was pretty bad produced.





4. All the King’s Men.  Amazing in a drama way.  😉 Had to pay attention to understand detail of the movie.  I mean I played the movie while I ran in and out preparing my dinner and doing everything else.  But, I had to replayed it again from the beginning to understand why they did something in the movie, and I think it affected the later part of the movie. If you watch some part, you still undertand it but you just might miss some important points of it .. that’s all. Good movie though. 🙂





5. X-Men 3 – The last Stand  Wow. [this is the latest one I watch so it’s still fresh heheh] .. It’s an action movie, no need to think, not boring, some scenes cliche.  However, I enjoyed it, glued in front of the movie. 

Plus, I got to see Hugh Jackman bare-chest in the movie. 😛




6. World Trade Center.  uhmm .. drama.  Side-note: read the movie’s synopsis first.  I didn’t.  So, I expected to see a hero & somewhat drama movie, but it was more of a drama sided. The movie choke me alright. [But, if you’re not ready to be emotional .. wait to see it later.]



7.  The Sentinel.  Good movie, Lots of stars. Not too exciting but nonetheless enjoyed it. 🙂

I think I watch this one the first among these seven movies so it’s kinda in a blur now.


ps. I think it’s good for me to jot this down coz I had trouble remembering the #6&7’s title If I waited for too long, I woudn’t remember any of them. ughh.

pps. all these photos are from Yahoo Movies. 😀


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Posted by on December 27, 2006 in Movies


One response to “Movies I’ve been watching these 2 weeks

  1. no-i

    January 10, 2007 at 4:27 am

    Hi ka. Just wanted to drop by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR ka… haven’t been around for a while… I hope that you’re doing well na ka.

    Anyway. of this list of movies, I have to admit, that I haven’t seen most of them yet… (I’m so behind when it comes to Hollywood… ^^%)

    Alright ka.. hope to hear from you soon na ka. Looking forward to reading your blog tag too. hehe… I was going to tag you, but since p’pim already did… I figure I was a bit too late… 😀

    Take care ka~~~ ^____^


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