Protected: Perfecto?

14 Dec

Note: I might come back later to edit some detail.  I just wanted to put it all up here first so that I don’t forget something or lose the link.  no time to proofread so … please pardon my English. 😉



Well, we can’t have the first time twice, can we?

So .. there is nothing wrong for trying to have a perfect first time, right?




I was thinking what I should do with this first time ….

How shall I prepare for it?

Once it’s gone … it’s gone .. I can never take it back. *hmmm*




Having that thought and having to work on something else, I ended up walking out of my place without locking my door. (a no-no, heheh)

Well, the sky was not as nice as I wanted it to be .. but this can’t wait, I’ve been waiting for too long already!



I thought as I walked, what would be perfect for this very first time of mine?



Why does it have to be perfect?

Just special would do, I guess.

It’s getting cold.

I thought.

Get it over with, dammit!





So this is what I got.


The very first shot of my new camera

The very first picture from my new baby turned out to be “under.”  The actual atmosphere was not as dark as it seemed in the photo.  I forgot all the rules about fooling the camera and the flash was on too. 😦

So much for perfection and special lol.


If my boyfriend were around I would have taken his picture though, it might not be perfect but it’d sure be special alright. 😉








Anyway, after the first shot, I went straight home to test my baby (no name yet).

I wanted to test for dead/hot pixel.  What you need to do is downloading a program for dead pixel test, and take several shots of dark photos with different shutter speeds.

Exposure:  0.033 sec (1/30)


 Exposure: 0.5 sec (1/2)



Then use the program to analyze your photo to see if the camera has dead pixel or not.  Or how many dead/hot pixels it has for that matter.



Result for Exposure:  0.033 sec (1/30)

Result for Exposure: 0.5 sec (1/2)



I took 4 dark photos (with lense cap on), three of them don’t have any dead/hot pixel, only one has 3 hot pixels. 

You can see all the print screen at my flickr


So, statistically speaking the camera should be ok?

Probably not. (1 out of 4 = 25%?? prffft)



And, I still can’t figure out(and don’t have time to) yet why the third shot has hot pixel?

uhm .. maybe I didn’t shield the view finder good enough at that shot?  I dunno.

So, I guess I have to live with it, non-statistically. 😛


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