The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth … so help me god???

12 Nov

Before I forget.  I need to put it up in here.


The other day, I leisurely browsed around as if I’m soooooo not having gazillion things to get done.  I found an interesting article (blog post?) about bodyshop and sell-out. I like their arguement about animal testing that’s why I wanted to put a link to the post here.


As I clicked back to their website to get URL of the animal testing topic, only glance at the topic of this new article got me laugh out loud … “Should You Worry About Pee In Your Make Up.”  I think I’m officially hooked to their site, scientists with sense of humor. 😀



Let’s not get distracted here.  Go back to the original thingy I wanted the mention.

Part of their post about Bodyshop and animal testing was “This paradox is what happens when a company tries to claim it is “morally superior” to the rest of the industry. The truth is The Body Shop claimed they didn’t test on animals. The only reason they could say this is because they used ingredients that other people had tested on animals. As we’ve said before, companies that say they don’t test on animals are not telling you the truth. Animal testing is still being done in this industry and will be until there are suitable alternatives. Cosmetic companies can not legally sell products that are not safe. The only way they can prove they are safe is to have data from animal testing to show they are.


I couldn’t agree more with them.  And, it also got me thinking, which other big guys are not telling us the truths about their products or services???  scary, eh?



Note:  about the The topic today; in movies we always hear witnesses swear this before being questioned in court.  I was fascinated by this phrase when I first heard it because if they’re telling the truth why would they still want to ask god to help them? [In my own reason, if you’re telling the truth and do good deeds, god would be on your side without asking anyway .. why do they make people sware in courte like that?] 

I think I asked my beloved boyfriend once, and he kindly explianed it to me. But I don’t remember his make-sense answer. [blame it on my short-term memory]  I think one day I’ll have to ask someone who would know about this and try to remember it this time.


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