Story of Theme and …

02 Nov

My original idea was keeping the blog theme simple and clean. Plus easy to read.



Since I don’t have time to learn about php yet, so I tried to pick something simple and easy to manage.



At first, I thought I would be using Landzillar 1.0 for a while. Until I have time and am in a mood of something new of course. 😉

But, these two days I was so bored.  Plus, I also learned that blogs on wordpress can keep stats do a lot of other stuff. So, the hunt stuff for my blog began.



I started with BAstat but .. uhm .. I can’t remember why I decided to go with bsuite. I guess it was about available fuctions.


Anyway, long story shot, after trying to figure out the bsuite (fixed some errors). It didn’t keep track of stuff as it should. 😦 I had to go back and tried to figure it out. Turned out, lazillar seems to not having stat support function. (I might be wrong though) So, here I am with new-next-on-my-list-which-I-thought-would-wait-until-have-my-own-nice-photos-theme, Random Images. 😀



The bsuite seems to work its charm. *crossing my fingers n’ playing with its functions*

P.S. I might be drunk while I wrote this entry.  I seemed to not make sense at many points.  

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Posted by on November 2, 2006 in Blog-related


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