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30 Oct


My domain is about one month old.  I still don’t have time to work with main page yet.

I guess .. I shouldn’t wait until I have time to get the main page done to blog. *laugh*
[I secretly planned to get what I’ve been doing done first .. then, work with the main page]

But, the work I’ve been doing is not done yet.  You couldn’t always get what you want, eh? *sigh*

So, here’s my plan B.

1. finish up what I’ve been doing.

2. at the same time, blog more. 

3. work on main page after getting No.1 done.

Above said … I should blog something today.

Here goes ..

“Life is about making choices.
Good ones, bad ones.”
— heard it from somewhere

One day I will blog my thoughts regarding making choices. (hopefully) 


After I started reading some other English novels, lit, etc besides the famous Harry Potter series.   It made me think I should have started sooner.  There are a lot I missed out.  Read more, I told myself.

To name *very few English books*, I ‘ve read and kinda like.

Angels & Demons while I love this book by Dan Brown.  I couldn’t flip pass chaper 1 of the Davinci Code.

The Devil Wears Prada, the one that if I remember it correctly, doesn’t have a word about Prada in the content.  I bought the book intending to use as reading material for future traveling.  I ended up reading it within 2-3 days. BTW, I haven’t watch DWP the movie yet. 

.. couldn’t think of anymore fav books from the top of my head .. *sigh*

This one I hate .. A Million Little Pieces.  Read the first few pages, and decided to stop ’cause it’s too depressing.  I was depressed and stressed enough, didn’t need a book to make me feel worse. prfft

At frist, I didn’t know that the writer claimed it was written from his life.  A couple weeks later, a friend gave me a link .. it turned out, he just made it all up???  And, it was a bit deal ‘cuase the writer was interviewed in Oprah show about this book, and it’s also recommended in Oprah’s bookclub .. no wonder it hit the top selling chart. Then, the smokinggun article hit internet.  The writer appeared in Oprah show the second time to answer some questions!  

I don’t know how many copies have been sold but bad publicity is better than no publicity, eh?




In the past month, I’ve pleasurely managed to read all novels written by Sophie Kinsella

I must admit I enjoyed reading them.  The main character from each book is kinda wicked and funny. 😉  I guess, this is why I like them.  

In my opinion, her books are suitable for both casual day and really,really tiring day. 😉

Shall I rank them?  I don’t think so.

See for yourself whether you’ll like it or not, I linked to the excerpt of each and everyone of her books. 

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Can You Keep a Secret?

Shopaholoic & Sister

The Undomestic Goddess

Enjoy! 😀                 

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